Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some picture around my village

I have tried to collect the pictures around my village, Kalika VDC, Kaski, Nepal. Picture may subjected to copyright. I have collected some pictures from Facebook. If anyone claim his pictures with proof, I will remove or include the source or author as his/her wish. If anyone of you have such pictures and want to publish here, I will publish with credit to you!  

The entry point of Kalika VDC with the view of Pokhara 
Closer view at that entry point with overloaded bus. Nowadays the bus service from
 pokhara is more frequent , so we should not experience such overloaded condition
Just after the entry in this VDC,  Picture of village with Kalika-Thumsikot road
from Surkemaidan,
Picture source: Santosh Bhandari/ Google Panoramio
Same place, Picture taken from opposite direction with Siddha Primary School
where I have completed my primary education
Green beauty of my village
जनज्योती मा बि (पहिले को भबन)

जनज्योती मा बि (अहिले को भबन )
Janajyoti Secondary School (Now higher secondary) from where I have
completed my secondary level.
Begnas Lake from  'Kahule', from where all the lakes in Pokhara and Lekhnath
are visible
Picture Source:
Night View of Annapurna range from thulakot.
Picture source:
Night view of Skyline Cottage, Thulakot. Because of increasing no of tourists
some hotel and restaurant begin to serve
Picture source:  
Kalika Bazar
Kalika Mandir : Kalikasthan Kaski!

View of Kalika from Narashpur
View of Deumadi village
Again Annapurna Range From Thulakot

Full Snow cap Annapurna
Sunset View of Annapurna
picture source: Nirmal Adhikari,
It's me, On the side of the road
एक चोटि कालिकाको पञ्चेबाजाको स्वादपनी चाख्नेकी  
(lets taste the folk music of Kalika)

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