Friday, August 19, 2011

Google translate

 While you are surfing the webpage, Google may have asked you to translate the page contents in your language. Google has a translation portal in which you can translate from one language to another. If you want to go to Google translate, open and on the menu, click on 'more' and select 'translate'. I don't know how good is the service because I have not used it before. But today I got something amazing result. You can check this

  1. Go to Google Translate.
  2. Select translate from English to Arabic.
  3. Type 'Who said to sell Pepsi for Rs 65?' and click on translate.
  4. You will get translation on another box, copy that Arabic sentence .
  5. Now select translation from Arabic to English.
  6. Paste the Arabic and click on translate!
  7. Woohhhhaaaaaaaaaaho! What do you get? 'The World Health Organization said the sale of Pepsi for 65 rupees?'
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Language problem!

When I have watched this video, I remember a guy who is reading in my university. In one of the party organised by International office of the student, I have asked him from which department he was. What would be his answer? Obviously, it can be like 'Physics and Astronomy', 'Sports management' or something like that. But his answer was 'Yes'. I have repeated the question but got the same answer. Later, I asked him 'Where are you from? I mean from which part of your country?' Then he answered 'Biology'. There are too many stories like that among the international student whose primary language is not English. Another story of my friend is more funny. While he was teaching in a practical class, a girl asked something. He did not understand what she was saying and replied ' Wait a minute, I will be there'. May be he has thought that there was some problem on her system. 'ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...........' , suddenly the room was full of laugh! Because she was asking for permission to go to restroom.

Here is similar story between credit card company and a costumer in this video.

Do you want to laugh more? Check out this one also

Leopard taking care of a baby monkey!

killer of own childs
Recently in Nepali media, there was a news that A father has thrown his two baby Namuna (8yrs) and Nabina (6yrs) in Modi river. How cruel is he? Why human being is mean than animal? Just opposite, in this video, A leopard pray on a monkey which was just delivering a baby. While the leopard saw the baby, he does not defend his pray from Hyena but protect the baby.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The lost cave of Mustang

Mustang, part of Nepal in remote corner of Himalaya, has unique topography and culture.  Upper Mustang, which was the pass-way for trade between Indian continent and Tibet in history, is the place where many things are still to be reveled. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some picture around my village

I have tried to collect the pictures around my village, Kalika VDC, Kaski, Nepal. Picture may subjected to copyright. I have collected some pictures from Facebook. If anyone claim his pictures with proof, I will remove or include the source or author as his/her wish. If anyone of you have such pictures and want to publish here, I will publish with credit to you!  

The entry point of Kalika VDC with the view of Pokhara 
Closer view at that entry point with overloaded bus. Nowadays the bus service from
 pokhara is more frequent , so we should not experience such overloaded condition
Just after the entry in this VDC,  Picture of village with Kalika-Thumsikot road
from Surkemaidan,
Picture source: Santosh Bhandari/ Google Panoramio
Same place, Picture taken from opposite direction with Siddha Primary School
where I have completed my primary education
Green beauty of my village
जनज्योती मा बि (पहिले को भबन)

जनज्योती मा बि (अहिले को भबन )
Janajyoti Secondary School (Now higher secondary) from where I have
completed my secondary level.
Begnas Lake from  'Kahule', from where all the lakes in Pokhara and Lekhnath
are visible
Picture Source:
Night View of Annapurna range from thulakot.
Picture source:
Night view of Skyline Cottage, Thulakot. Because of increasing no of tourists
some hotel and restaurant begin to serve
Picture source:  
Kalika Bazar
Kalika Mandir : Kalikasthan Kaski!

View of Kalika from Narashpur
View of Deumadi village
Again Annapurna Range From Thulakot

Full Snow cap Annapurna
Sunset View of Annapurna
picture source: Nirmal Adhikari,
It's me, On the side of the road
एक चोटि कालिकाको पञ्चेबाजाको स्वादपनी चाख्नेकी  
(lets taste the folk music of Kalika)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interesting game between Canada and Nepal

Man of the match Kyle Edghill
In today's match of ICC U19 world cup qualifier between Nepal and Canada, Canada has won the toss and invited Nepal for batting. Only 3 batsman of Nepal were able to score on two digits. Nepal was limited to 106 in 42.5 over. Chasing the low score of 107 was not so easy for Canada also. With the help of not out half century of  Kyle Edghill, Canada won the match by 3 wicket in 48 over. Edghill has drived the winning ball for four. Canada get 2 points from this game. So after this game, Canada and Nepal both has 6/6 points from 5 matches for each. Before this match, Nepal was in the first on the Point table. Now Nepal is in the 3rd position on the Point table. Here is complete Point table of the series.I will keep on updating the point table on this post.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Another facebook Virus

I have already posted some information about Facebook virus which ask you to upgrade the video player. You can find here. Here I am going to post about another one which ask you to verify your account. There will be message in your Facebook inbox which appears to be  from Facebook. It looks like 

Sometimes it will state that your account is opened from some unusual location and you have to retrieve your account. Once you will enter your information, it will enter into your account and retrieve every information you have in your system like bank information, credit card information etc. So be careful when you will get such message. Look at above where I have pointed by arrow, it is Facebook application, it is a spam created to get your information from Facebook.Its not the security site of the Facebook. So if you enter the information on clicking on this link, you are not secure. I have clicked on the link for test. Look at the following pic. 

It is asking your every secure information. That is spam. I was across the account security check of Facebook several time but was not asked every information like that. Rather it has asked some security question, asked to identify my Facebook friends not all at once, step by step. So be careful, if you think it is suspicious, ignore the message and try to use your Facebook as usual. If you are able to use your Facebook as usual, don't care about such message rather ignore or spam it. Be secure!   

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Nepal Vs Vanuatu

In today's game of Nepal Vs Vanuatu in ICC U19 world cup qualifier, Nepal has won the toss and choose to bat, scored 250 runs in 49.3 over with the help of half century of Sagar Pun (51) and Naresh Budayair (50). On chasing the target of the 251, Vanuatu seems to be weak. Five of the batsman returned to the Pavilion without any score. Nepali Bowlers Rahul Vishwakarma, Krishna Karki and Bhuvan Karki shared 4 , 3 and 2 wicket respectively. Another wicket is taken  by Pritu Baskota. So Vanuatu is limited to 91 in 30.5 over.
Player of the match is Bhuvan Karki (20 run not out and 2 wicket with 9 run in 6 over)

So far, Nepal has 6 points from the 4 and still there are 5 more matches in the series (I have already posted match schedule). Hope Nepal will do well for the rest also.

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Friendship Day!

"Count your life with joys, not tears
  Count your age with friends, not years"

On my Facebook wall, there are too many posts of friendship day wishes. So I have searched some information about friendship day and have posted here!

I cannot find the clear history about from when celebration of friendship day started. But there are numerous folktale about friendship from the beginning of civilized world. In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, there are too many colors of friendship shown by different character. There is a famous story of friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudhama. In the Old Testament (Bible), Abraham is called the “friend of God” because of the intimacy of his relations. God speaks to Moses face to face “as a man…unto his friend” (Ex 33:11).

In modern time, Friendship Day was originally promoted by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards in 1919, and intended to be a day where people celebrated their friendships by sending cards. The first Sunday in August was chosen as the centre of the largest lull in holiday celebrations. Friendship Day was promoted by the greetings card National Association during the 1920's. The US Congress decided to designate the first Sunday of the month of August as Friendship Day and with a formal proclamation in 1935, officially declared the occasion a holiday dedicated in the honour of friends and friendship. Since then, celebration of National Friendship Day became an annual event Today, Friendship Day is enthusiastically celebrated in a number of countries across the world.Friendship Day has come to be celebrated in a big way in India.Following their counterparts in the west, youth in India too mark Friendship Day by participating in Friendship Day parties or organizing bashes for their friends.

Finally on 27th April 2011 during the sixty-fifth session of the General Assembley of the United Nations, 30 July was unanimous designated as International Day of Friendship, following a petition of several countries in the context of the UN Culture of Peace Agenda. As the UN Resolution exposes, the target of this day is to promote the international understanding, the respect for diversity and a culture of peace, between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals.

A friendship is all above the Distance, Color, Cast, Nationality etc. You can create peaceful world by loving and treating every person on the world as your friend! That is the true humanity! Happy Friendship Day!

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