Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Result of Kidding with frog

In this video, the frog try to eat ant on the smartphone. When the frog attack continuously on the screen of smartphone and can get nothing, it attack the finger of the man! This video, uploaded on Dec 18, 2011 already got more than 7 million visitors. Look at this funny video!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lewis Light on the occasion of Christmas

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Snapshots from my mobile during the visit of Lewis Light, White Chapel road, Purvis, MS. 
This light display was started in 1989 by Lewis Family for the community as people started not decorating as much anymore. These around 200,000 lights are turned on Thanksgiving night through new year eve from 5:30 pm to 9 pm. The family will not charge you anything but donation is accepted. 
Posted by Mahesh Ghimire 

Friday, December 16, 2011

एउटा अर्को गजल

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Ek  Raj Adhikari    
Hattiesburg, USA    


टाढैबाट कर्के नजर, हान्थ्यौ लजाइ लजाइ ,
                              नजिक हुन खोज्दा टाढा , जान्थ्यौ लजाइ लजाइ

सोह्रै सिङ्गार् सजिएर, कालो केश लर्काउदै,
                              मुख छोपी नहेर भो, भन्थ्यौ लजाइ लजाइ ॥

माया गर्दै दु:ख-सुख साटफेर गर्न ,
                              तिमी सधैं एकान्त ठाउँ, छान्थ्यौ लजाइ लजाइ

दिन्नौ भने जान्न आज, भनि जिद्धी गर्दा ,
                              आँखा चिम्म पारी म्वाई, खान्थ्यौ लजाइ लजाइ

                              आउने छु फर्की चाढै, दियो बाली कुर्नु भन्दा , 
                              आजै सिउँदो भरिए झै, ठान्थ्यौ लजाइ लजाइ ॥

                              टाढैबाट कर्के नजर, हान्थ्यौ लजाइ लजाइ ,
                              नजिक हुन खोज्दा टाढा, जान्थ्यौ लजाइ लजाइ॥


Thursday, December 15, 2011

एउटा गजल

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By   Saloja  Sky        


                              फूलैले रेटेर दुख्यो रे आज ॥
                              आँखैमा बर्षात सुक्यो रे आज ॥

                              खै ! कस्ले बाँधेर गएको थियो,
                              प्रेमको गाठो फूक्यो रे आज ॥

                              जवानी रहर र उमंग हैन,
                              मनसंग मूल्य चुक्यो रे आज ॥

                              बेचिएछ स्वाभिमान कहिले,
                              निर्दोशी शिर झुक्यो रे आज ॥

                              शितल शान्त आनन्द थियो,
                              टाढाको शहर भुक्यो रे आज॥

                              फूलैले रेटेर दुख्यो रे आज ॥
                              आँखैमा बर्षात सुक्यो रे आज ॥


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dead body of alien

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नेपालमा कहिलेकाहीँ पत्रीकाहरुले यथार्थ नभुझी समाचार प्रकाशित गरिदिदा ठुलै हल्लाखल्ला हुनेगरेको कुरा नयाँ हैन यस्को उधारण हुन राजेश हमाललाई पती दाबी गरेको काण्ड र ९० लाख फेला पारेर फिर्ता गरिदियको भनी आयको समाचार। अहिले एउटा तेस्तै घटनाले अन्तराष्ट्रिय जगतमा ठुलै स्थान पायो। घटना हो रुस को साइबेरियामा भेटियको भनियको अलिएन को लाश । उक्त समाचार ले नाम चलेका पत्रीकाहरुमा पनि राम्रै स्थान पायो । हेर्नुहोस् The Telegraph  को न्युज
"The video, which many viewers have dismissed as an elaborate hoax, was allegedly filmed near the town of Irkutsk close to Russia’s Lake Baikal in recent weeks.
In it, a local is shown leading a camera man to a snowy spot on the edge of a forest where he points out the remains of “the alien,” a tiny being which has had one of its legs ripped off. The creature looks like an extra from Hollywood central casting with an enlarged cranium, hollow eyes, and a small reddish body.
One of the men in the video is heard giving an expletive-laden commentary in Russian, adding that a dog originally sniffed “the alien” out.
The video has sparked conspiracy theories of an alien crash landing in the area. Alleged UFO sightings in the vicinity are not uncommon, and some viewers speculated that the Russian military had not cleaned up the area after a UFO crash properly overlooking the tiny corpse.
The video was released after villagers in the area reported seeing bright orange lights in the sky last month with one witness capturing the mystery lights on his or her mobile phone. At least one national TV news channel reported the alleged sighting with the headline “Uninvited Guests.” "
To read this news on "The Telegraph", Click here 
 हेर्नुहोस् Video 

आहिले उक्त भिडियो झुठो भयको प्रमाणित भाईसकेको छ। उक्त क्षेत्रमा लगातार UFO देखियको भनेर आयका समाचार पछी भेटियको भनियको लाश कुखुराको छाला र पाउरोटी मिलायर बनायको कुरा उक्त लाश भेटेको भनियको  मान्छेले प्रहरी सँगको बयानमा स्वीकार गरिसकेको रोहेटर्स् ले जानयको छ । click here

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Power of math

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How long will it take to arrange 10 different books in every  possible  arrangement? The question seems to be very easy one, but the result is much surprising! Before going to this video, first guess the answer yourself !

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Miss World 2011: Miss Venezula, Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares

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Miss Venezula, Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares won the title of Miss World 2011. Miss Sarcos, 21, dreamed to be a Nun, was orphaned  on young age and spent five years in studying nunnery.
Picture source  : OTRC       
Picture source :
Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Victoria Vilanova Perez and  Miss Philippines, Gwendoline Gaelle won the title of Runner Up.
Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Victoria Vilanova Perez 
Picture source:  AFP/GETTY
Miss Philippines, Gwendoline Gaelle 
Picture source:  AFP/GETTY
Miss Nepal: Malina Joshi was the contestant from Nepal. She was selected in top 30, but can not be selected in top 20 positions
Picture source :
Picture Sourc: mysansar


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