Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vote For Pushpa Basnet

"My Mission is To make sure No Child grows up Behind prison walls"
 (Facebook Status of Pushpa Basnet) 
Why I should be inside the prison? What mistake have I done?
(A child in prison with his mom)

Its not good to know that she is not in the First Position on the CNN Vote poll! But she really deserve to be on the first! 
Dont you know about Pushpa Basnet? 
During  the Field Study of her college, she was surprised by seeing the innocent children inside the wall of prison. So at the age of 21, While all the girls on her age were looking for looking for fun-life she started to help these children for the education by collecting money from her friends. The administration didn't let the individual to take the children living with their parents outside the jail for the education. So she started the organisation ECDC in 2005 and currently the organisation has 40 children in residential home and 7 children in day care center. Visit official website of ECDC , Here are some video interview. She has exposed in a talk in 2010 that she even had to sold her gold bangle to run the Child Care Center. You can find the videos here

Our small effort on voting for her may help her to win $250,000 and lot of encouragement which ultimately goes to Nepali children in need. 
हामी यौटी ङीच्च हासेकी  कथित (फिल्मी कथाकी ) हिरोइन  को फोटो लाइक गर्छौ , Share गर्छौ भने यहाँ वास्तविक जिबनकी  हिरोइन  "पुष्पा बस्नेत " लाई CNN हिरो मा जिताउन किन सहयोग नगर्ने ? go to and Vote now! 
Your small contribution to help these children for brighter future

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