Saturday, May 26, 2012

नारायणकाजी श्रेष्ठ र गोहिका आसु


Monday, May 21, 2012

New Facebook virus Steckt.Evl

Do you use Facebook chat window or chat window of any other social sites? Then you must be careful! another Facebook virus named 'Steckt.Evl' is spreading via chat window on facebook! From the infected users, it sends a message with a link which looks like reliable link. Whenever you click on the link, it downloads itself and immediately disables your antivirus software. Then it will downloads further software which compromises the infected machine further. It also sends message having the copy of itself to the friends of infected Facebook user. Better not to click on the link from the chat window! Be safe and social
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Source: Dailymail

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Champions League Final won by Chelsea

Chelsea won the Champion League Final 2012 in Penalty shoot out! The game was on Penalty Shoot out after 1-1 score in 90 + 30 minutes. Here is the result of Penalty Shoot out!

BAYERN MUNICH                   CHELSEA 
Lahm scores                     Mata misses 
Gomez scores                    Luiz scores 
Neuer scores                    Lampard scores 
Olic misses                    Cole scores 
Schweinsteiger misses                    Drogba scores

* red is for missed

Chelsea Player with Trophy 
The Allianz Arena  football stadium in the north of MunichBavariaGermany 


Washing baby in Washing Machine!

When I have seen warning "Don't put baby in to the washer" , I have laughed thinking who will be too fool to do that! But sometimes this happens.This video from you-tube shows a young man jokingly putting his baby in washing machine and locked the door to freak him. To know what happened when they were unable to open the automatic door of the washing machine and the machine starts to spin , go to this video! Reports said that the baby was safe but received several minor injuries.

Update: You tube has removed the Video! Here is the video from CNN