Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bing reward - how to complete mobile search on PC

Are you bing reward user? Bing rewards you when you are searching on Bing! By bing search, you can accumulate at least 25 points daily (15 points for pc searches and 10 points for mobiles searches ). You can redeem 475 points for $5 amazon gift cards. Currently this program is available in USA only. Following picture shows my redeemed amazon gift cards which were earned from bing reward program. If you are not bing reward member, you can join by clicking here.

There is an easy cheat I discovered recently to complete mobile search daily quota from your pc. Just follow the following step. (screenshot have been added ) 
1. Open bing.com on chrome (I don't know if it works on other browser) 

2. Right click on the page and select inspect element.
3. Minimize the page with codes and go to display page
4. Now select any mobile device (iphone 6 plus is selected in screenshot) and reload the page.
5. Now search anything on the search engine. Any search on this page count as mobile search. 


Monday, January 13, 2014


-उमेश सिलवाल 

-उमेश सिलवाल 

खै के निन्द्रा लाग्थ्यो, बानी न भएपछी।
थकाई मार्ने त्यो, सिरानी न भएपछी।

दिक्क मात्रै लाग्छ, जाँगर पट्क्कै छैन,
सपना सगै उड्ने, राहधानी न भएपछी ।

यता फर्क्यो, उता फर्क्यो, रात बिती जान्छ,
सम्जेर निदाउने, काहानी न भएपछी ।

सँधैको छ्टपटी भयिरहदो रहेछ यहाँ
माया गर्ने मान्छे,इमानि न भएपछी।

खै के निन्द्रा लाग्थ्यो, बानी न भएपछी।
थकाई मार्ने त्यो, सिरानी न भएपछी।

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

some pictures from smokey mountain visit